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Gossips Anonymous 

A little while back, I learned a very juicy (and heartbreaking) tidbit of info. While I was dying to follow up with a “Why? What happened?” I didn’t. I simply said I’d pray for the people involved but wouldn’t talk about it anymore. And although immediately five friends sprang to mind who would LOVE to hear this tidbit, I didn’t call or email any of them. Not because I’m so righteous or so above gossip. Instead it’s because I’m so broken and am a gossip—albeit, one in “recovery.”

You see, a few years ago after working through a “fearless moral inventory” of myself, of all the bad things I am (jealous, materialistic, judgmental…) gossip really rose to the top (the cream of my sins, you might say) as something that eats at my soul and hinders my Christian life. While I was never the type of gossip who’d start rumors or betray a confidence, I certainly listened to rumors and to others betray confidences (thinking this was okay since the buck would stop with me. Which it did.) And I did my fair share of passing on “news” or sharing someone else’s unfortunate experience simply so I could dissect it with friends—thinking we did this only out of concern and love, of course. But all the while I got quite the rush out of all that “concern” and “love.”

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  1. carla
    October 15, 2007 at 8:54 pm #

    It is very difficult for me to resist asking about this juicy tidbit. But I am doing all I can to support your gossip-free lifestyle, even at great sacrifice to my own need to know.

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