Public Nursing

Illinois State SealNow I’m nothing if not a militant nurser—which is just about the last thing I’d ever have thought I’d be. I remember being disgusted by women who would pull out their boobs and flagrantly nurse their babies.  Where are you supposed to look? I’d think.

Then of course I had kids and discovered I could win trophies for nursing. There isn’t much in motherhood that comes naturally to me, but nursing? Wow. I’m good. Just ask my babies. 

And like some sort of Woodstock hippie, I will nurse anywhere, anytime. God help the sorry sap who thinks I shouldn’t. Which is why I was glad to get a nice “Congratulations on Your New Baby” note from Illinois’ own Gov. Blagojevich complete with a little card telling about Illinois’ new law (thanks to him, of course) that gives women the right to nurse in public anytime, anywhere.

 So a couple things about this (and here I’ll use my fun bug bullets!):

  • 1. Many thanks to the Gov. for passing this law. I can’t believe we’d need a law for this, but of all the silly laws we pass in this land, this one makes some sense.  People can be really rude about a mother feeding her baby. And it’s usually some fat idiot stuffing her face while making comments or shooting dirty looks.
  • 2. Does anyone know what the penalty is for breaking this law? Can I call the cops on someone who tries to stop me? How about if someone gives me a dirty look? Do I get to sue? Because how great would that be!?! “Honey, our family money comes from that man who dared to question my right to nurse you.”
  • 3. Does anyone else out there think that this is secretly just the first step toward needing to apply for a nursing license to breastfeed in public…? Have I gone off the deep end or can you kind of see this? Little boobie ID cards seems like a big government dream, does it not?
  • 4. Does it seem weird that sometimes we need more laws to make us more “free”? 

But seriously, I’m grateful that nursing mothers and babies have a measure of protection here. Yet another important right we’re blessed to enjoy in this wonderful country. Viva la public nursing!

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