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Gifted For Leadership logoIt’s been an exhilerating, insane, and dream-achieving week. Once I catch my breath and reconnect my brain wih my body, I’ll write more about this. But we’re talking book deals and movie rights and I love it all!

In the meantime, here’s a bit of what I wrote for today:

Let Men Hold the Door

Last weekend, I marched on the streets of my town in support of the giftedness of women. Okay, so that’s a bit of a stretch, but I DID take advantage of one of the most glorious fall days ever to walk the half-mile or so to my church to attend a “town hall” meeting to share my thoughts on women holding the offices of elder and deacon.

As I crunched through newly fallen leaves and enjoyed the warm wind that blew through the cooled air, I prayed—a lot. I asked God to bless my words, to keep my nerves at bay, and to help me speak clearly. I prayed that I be a little bit funny, disarming, yet convincing, and not come off as some raving, fringe feminist hell-bent on empowering women at all costs. 

I prayed that he’d help me share my story of my high school catechism teacher (at this same church) who told us it was a sin for women to go to college (what a waste if you’re meant to stay home, he said!), and how much it shaped the teenage me when my church immediately barred him from teaching and affirmed and valued my gifts and gender. And I prayed that God would use the men who currently sit on our church’s counsel and who will be voting on this issue to hold open the door for the women of our church.  
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