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What’s Your ‘Pebble’?

A few weeks ago, my five-year-old son asked, “Mom, what’s your pebble?”  “Huh?” I asked back. “Your PEB-BLE,” he said. “You know, like how my left foot is smaller than my other one…”  I resisted the “huh?” again, even though I had no idea what he was talking about—pebbles or foot size (his feet are the same size, […]

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Leading with Your Real Life

To those of you who clicked over from Gifted For Leadership, sorry about the repeat! You can scroll down for some original stuff that never appeared at GFL. To the rest of you, here’s what I posted at GFL this week: The Gift of Being Real I should’ve trusted the worship leaders at my church […]

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Let’s Talk Fake IDs—Part II

Here are a few more questions. This time they’re more on the loss of self: Describe a time or a situation when you feel most energized and most like yourself. I’ve heard the loss of self that accompanies motherhood described as an “epidemic.” Can you relate to that? If so, how? Can you think of […]

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Let’s Talk Fake IDs–Part I

I have a wonderful group of women who’ve agreed to help me out with some stories and “research” for my book. While I’ve emailed them the questions, I also said I’d post some of them online—in the event they’d rather answer them there or to spark some conversation. Anyone is welcome—and encouraged!—to respond. Here’s the […]

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Random Leaves

Stepping out of My Life

This weekend I passed up an opportunity to “step out of my life for 24 to 36 hours.” I was asked to fly to Massachusetts to listen to a teaching pastor my church is considering. I had to pass because I’m still nursing my son and as tempting as it was to “step out” (as it […]

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Custom-Made Abolitionists

Last night I went to hear David Bastone, founder of Not for Sale, speak about the modern-day abolitionist movement, of which is organization is a part. In fact, their “motto” or slogan, I guess, is “I am not for sale. You are not for sale. No one should be for sale. Become an abolitionist.” And […]

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Counting Correctly

As a good American mother, I’ve spent considerable time thinking about and some time talking to my kids (in ways the five-and-under crowd can understand) what “success” looks like—working harder, working smart, and all that. As a good Christian mother, I’ve tried to impress on them that success is using the gifts God gave you to the best […]

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Living Plenty

“If we believe that there is only so much to go around, we hold on tightly to what we have and always strive to secure more of what is vanishing. If we believe in plenty, we are not afraid of suddenly finding ourselves without what we need. This allows us to take big, confident risks.” […]

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