Living Plenty

“If we believe that there is only so much to go around, we hold on tightly to what we have and always strive to secure more of what is vanishing. If we believe in plenty, we are not afraid of suddenly finding ourselves without what we need. This allows us to take big, confident risks.”

–Lillian Calles Barger, Chasing Sophia: Reclaiming the Lost Wisdom of Jesus

So obviously I have a slight obsession with this book because this is the second time I’ve quoted from it for this blog (which is only 3 months old!). She’s just got a whole lot of wonderful things to say.

I love this quote because it speaks to me on so many levels. She’s talking about gaining wisdom, but this truth applies to so many other realms. Specifically, I wonder if I mother (heck, if I live) out of this “plenty” mentality. Or do I grasp too tightly, thinking I need to keep a firm hold on what is mine? Do I look at my children as vast resources or limited ones? How do I look at my life? How do you look at yours?

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