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Playing House

Yesterday my husband and I went to parent-teacher conferences for our daughter’s preschool. While there we found out everything we already knew—that she could be sweet, stubborn, shy or outgoing. That she does as she’s told—yet shows a comfort in saying “no.” We also heard that she loves to play “house”—busily taking care of many babies […]

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Random Crosses

Your Identity in Christ

If you’re a person (or maybe I should just say “a woman”—men probably get a different answer) who’s ever wrestled with your identity and if you run with the church crowd, you’ve heard this: Find your identity in Christ. Am I right? As part of the book I’m working on, I maintain that this is a good answer to the […]

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Knee-Deep in Stereotypes

For the past couple weeks as I’ve been cranking out chapters for my book (yikes! the manuscript is due in just over two months!), I’ve found myself knee deep in the issue of stereotypes, labels and assumptions. In fact, everywhere I look, it seems people are talking about the ill effects of trying to live up […]

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‘Rich in Other Ways’

This morning I overheard one of the moms from church preschool trying to explain to her child why there were trays full of peanut butter by the coat racks. “They’re for people who can’t afford to buy food,” she said. “But those people are rich in other ways.” Her daughter asked, “What ways?” And she answered, “I […]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I’m not usually one to go about making New Year’s resolutions because I don’t believe in setting anyone up for failure—myself included! But looking back over the past year, I realized I’ve got a few things I really need to work on (plus, I’m itching for a reason to use my cute bug bullet points again). […]

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