Whatever, Dog…..

honey.jpgAlthough I admit it made me laugh out loud, after reading this little item in the “Police Beat” section of my local weekly, I have a new fear as a mother. Here’s the bit:

“A 13-year-old boy was arrested at 8:34 pm Friday on the 100 block of North York Street…after he and six other juveniles were found blocking the sidewalks and entrances to businesses. The officer had repeatedly told the offender to move, and the last time, the offender ignored the officer, turned away and said, “Whatever, boy” and “Whatever, dog.” He then entered Buffalo Wild Wings. The officer followed him in and took him into custody.”

Okay, so I’m still laughing—out of mixed amusement and horror. Whatever, dog?!?! To a police officer? To anyone? Where does this kind of gall come from in a 13-year-old? How are you not terrified if a cop tells you to move? How do hurl insults and the saunter into Buffalo Wild Wings like it’s nothing? Is it all that falsely inflated senses of self-esteem? Do they need more good old-fashioned shaming? I gotta know: How do you keep your kids from being the kind to ever say this?

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  1. Sherryl Stone
    March 15, 2008 at 7:16 pm #


    Here’s another one for gall. Tiffany told me that she heard on the news that some juveniles tried to rob a …..(drum roll please) POLICE STATION.

    Actually I don’t know if this was gall or stupidity, but it’s mind-blowing, what-were-you-thinking kind of antics! :)

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