First Day of School Eve

So tomorrow my oldest son starts first grade. I’m a real mom now. I just packed his lunch, and now I’m about to set my alarm so we can all get up in time to get him to his bus stop, just down the block. I just wrote another check, signed another form, folded them together, and stuck them neatly into his backpack next to his indoor-only gym shoes—which is now in the front hallway right next to one of two pair of Crocs (you never know which one he’ll prefer).  

That little foyer is now organization central. He is ready, I am ready, yet I can guarantee you, I’ll will not be this on top of things and organized for the poor guy again until this time next year. By Tuesday, I’ll be scrambling his lunch at the last minute, yelling at him to look AGAIN next to his bed for his shoes, and wondering where I put that thing I was supposed to sign.

But for now, tonight, I’m feeling like a great mom, who’s got an unbelievably great boy (yes, I know: and a girl and another boy, but we’re not talking about them right now. They don’t get the sap treatment until they go away for nearly eight hours a day!).

Happy First Day of School!

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