Mother’s Day, Part 2

Carla & Caryn: Along with our rant about Mother’s Day and the church, we do sincerely wish all of you a lovely Mother’s Day. For those of you celebrating for the first time, may you relish your new title and the joy that comes with it. For those of you who have a restaurant brunch to look forward to, may the roast beef be hot, the cheesy hashbrowns cheesy, and the pie covered with real whipped cream. For those of you who want nothing more than the day off, may the checkout lines be short, may your favorite chair at the coffee shop be free, and may you find something super cute to wear on Monday.

And for those of you for whom Mother’s Day is painful–for whatever reason–may you be filled with God’s peace and comfort and the knowledge that your sisters at the Revolution are thinking of you with much love.

One more thing: a friend just linked to this beautiful post from Vinita Hampton Wright.

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