Becoming Real

A lot of people use the birth analogy for writing a book. I’m not quite sure it’s right. I mean, it sort of is…but not quite. (Is it wrong to admit I really hate when men use this analogy? I could write a whole other post on this, but that’s not why I logged in here today.) Instead, I’m plunking away because today my editor is dropping off (that’s right, DROPPING OFF! It pays to find a publisher near your house. Go Tyndale House!) the “galleys” for Grumble Hallelujah.

The galleys are regular sized (8.5 x 11, I suppose) paper, bound together probably with that swirly plastic thing, but the pages look like a book. It’s typeset, it’s got page numbers, and it’s the first time a writer gets to see her book look like a book. Almost.

So if we’re going to use the birth analogy, I suppose today is sort of the big ultrasound—where you get to see the features, get an idea of the size, the sex, that sort of thing. Sort of. I still don’t like the analogy. But still. I’m excited. It’s taking shape. It’s becoming more real. And I love it already.


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