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Why Create–Reasons #2, #3 and #4

Last summer I’d watch him with his chainsaw, twisting, slicing, carving. Calling a dolphin out of a tree trunk. I never got to watch him long–since I was always in the car on my way to the library or somewhere else “in town.” But when I’d seem him out there, I’d slow down–on this main, […]

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Turning a Planked Eye

So I can’t calm down about this Penn State horror story. I alternate between wanting to throw up and go beat someone up. Without actually doing either. I’m outraged–of course–that child-molesting and child-raping monsters roam this earth. But someone, right now, my outrage is fueled by the people who cover-up their crimes and enable this […]

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Grumble final cover

Glorious Grumbling

I know myself well enough to do what I did in the last post: to offer a question and sort of imply I’ll answer it soon. Well, a month later, here I am. Though, I must say, the commenters, I believe answered the question well for me. Tim wrote: “What is a fair definition of […]

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