A Prayer for School Kids

So God,

You know that one of the many (many!) things I love about school and my kids being at school is that I get the chance to miss them. Without them here asking me to make them chai (God, this isn’t normal, right?) or asking for help with homework or to help get a toy out of the dog’s mouth or worse, I have long stretches of time to go to work, to come back home and work. To write in the quiet. Or to put away dishes with talk radio. Or music. To fold laundry in front of a documentary.

But also, to miss my kids and to wonder what they’re up to. And each time I do, it’s a lovely reminder to go to you, to ask that you be with them during their day at school. To ease and clear and open their minds, to instill knowledge along with a love of learning, to surround them with friends and laughter, to let them catch glimpses of you, to hear your whispers in the hallways. To keep them safe. Always, to keep them safe.

So I ask all this now. For my kids. Today. But I also ask it for all kids. Every day. Be near. Be present. Especially to those who you see crying or lonely, those who may be afraid to come to school. Or to go back home. Reveal yourself to school kids everywhere. Let them see and hear and taste and smell and feel and know you in everything.


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