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A Prayer for Pastors

[Prayer Spark: One, a request for this when I explained Folks Prayers. Two, a friend–more gracious than I–who in response to my Mark Driscoll plagiarism tirades reminded me that perhaps he needed prayer. ACK. But this reminded me how busy and overwhelming this time of year surely is for most pastors…] Dear God: Be with […]

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A Prayer for the Listed. And Not Listed.

[Prayer Spark: Finding my name on Rachel Held Evans‘ 101 Christian Women Speakers] So God… …right off the bat this is going to sound like the worst sort of humble brag: a fake prayer offered as a humble brag. But you know my heart here, God, right? If I’m humble bragging, forgive me. If I’m […]

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A Prayer for English Teachers

[Prayer spark: Karen Swallow Prior’s tweet about Tess of the d’Urbervilles and the tweet-versation that’s been making me smile all day. Stupid Angel Clare…] So God, Thanks for the men and women who stand up in front of classrooms every day–or most days–and talk about books. About plot and characters and and theme and denouement. And whatever […]

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