A Prayer for Pastors

[Prayer Spark: One, a request for this when I explained Folks Prayers. Two, a friend–more gracious than I–who in response to my Mark Driscoll plagiarism tirades reminded me that perhaps he needed prayer. ACK. But this reminded me how busy and overwhelming this time of year surely is for most pastors…]

Dear God:

Be with pastors. Give strength to those who are over-worked and weary. Give wisdom to those offering counsel. Give vision to those preparing messages. Give peace to those in the midst of trouble. Give grace to those who fail–morally or job-wise-i-ly. Give courage to those who have to say hard things (and which of them don’t?). Give kindness to those dealing with difficult people (and which of them isn’t?). Give eyes to see their congregants as you see them–as broken but lovable. Give ears to hear your words. Give compassion so they can lead and love as they need to. Give encouragement to those who aren’t thanked. Give endurance so they can carry on, if it’s your will. Or give an exit if they need to leave.


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