My Lenten Confessional: Day 6

Dear God:

Today I confess breaking Commandment #2: worshipping “graven images.” Though this one is tricky. It’d be easier if I were the sort of Presbyterian who will not have pictures of Jesus for fear of breaking this commandment. Not that my home is overrun with pictures of you, Jesus. But we’ve got them. In storybook Bibles mostly.

And I suppose I could ask forgiveness for wearing a pagan symbol around my neck: my beloved scarab. But you know I wear it because it symbolizes resurrection. And any mention or thought of resurrection only ever leads me back to you. Since that’s your whole business.

So my confession today will sound a lot like my confession yesterday (as the first and second commandment sound a lot like one another): Forgive me for the times–the many, many times–I worship at the feet of something else. When I choose honoring my writing, my ideas, my kids, my pride, my vanity, my immediate gratification, my wants, my whatever over you. Forgive me for the times I worship the whims of this world.

Forgive me for having many other gods before you.

And now forgive me for doing what I always do–getting lost in the tricky bit about “generational sin” that you mention in this commandment. Forgive my skeptical streak that here goes, “Really? Punishing kids for their parents’ mistakes? That’s pretty low…” (We’ll save that for another day.) In the meantime, thank you for the promise of love here. Especially since I know it holds even if we manage to break a commandment or 10.


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