My Lenten Confessional: Day 7

Dear God:

The 3rd commandment says to not misuse your name. And yet I do. Though I don’t use “Oh my God” as a exclamation, I use “Good Lord” that way, I’ve just realized now. Forgive me for that.

But I suspect this is the least of my errors when it comes to using your name “in vain.” I’m a little more worried about the times I use your name for my gain (vain, name, gain…hope the internal rhymes are amusing you as much as they’re amusing me, God).

Forgive me for the times I write or speak and “spiritualize” it–tack on Scripture or invoke your name–so I can sell it to my audience. I don’t think (dear God, I hope!) I don’t do this often. But I know I have. I know I’ve written something and then had to think, Now how do I make this about Jesus? 

Sometimes that’s fair enough–after all, I subscribe to “every square inch” thinking. And as a writer I have a hard time taking you out of things. But you know what I mean. You see what I do. Sometimes. Forgive me.


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