My Lenten Confessional: Day 12

So God:

Today I need to take a break from asking forgiveness for breaking one of the commandments. Since the biggest sin on my heart right now is election-related. While I vote–each and every time–because men and women fought (died!) too hard for my right to vote for me to be “too busy” or “too annoyed” not to, truth is, as I filled in tiny ovals–or left some blank–my heart was hard toward every last name on that ballot.

I know too much. The politics in this state are too corrupt. The candidates too untruthful, too smarmy for me to feel good about voting for any of them. Some pretend to be “outsiders” but are backed by machines. Others pretend to be one party, while activists for other parties churn out the votes for them. Most make promises they know they will break. Too many claim positions and values that will dissipate moments after oaths of office are taken.

But still, forgive my hard heart toward these men and women. Forgive my judgement. Forgive my skepticism, my disdain.


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