My Lenten Confessional: Day 13

Dear God:

“Do not steal,” your commandments say. And I admit: I’m pretty good about following this, in the traditional sense. I’ve never tried to sneak a candy bar out of a store, never even been tempted. I don’t wonder how many purses I could stuff in my purse and if I could get away with.

And yet, even as I type, my mind is flooded (am I think guilty a personality or are these Holy Spirit promptings?). In our financial crunch, we’ve used credit cards to pay for things we didn’t have money for (stealing?). We’ve borrowed money from family and have been slow to pay it back (stealing?). Probably. Forgive me.

Then there’s the writing: While I hope I don’t make a practice of stealing other people’s words, ideas without credit. I live with the fear that something I read somewhere, somehow that sunk deep in my head will work its way on to a page, and I’ll forget–or not think–to credit it. Though this isn’t always stealing, sometimes it is. Forgive me. 

And now “post its” came into my head. For the times I’ve used an office product to jot a personal note, a grocery list. For the times I’ve printed off a medical form at the work printer (I just did this! Stealing? I guess!), for the times I used other people’s or organization’s resources as my own, forgive me.

Apparently, God, I am a thief. Ha! Forgive me.


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