My Lenten Confessional: Day 15

So God,

We’re at the final of the 10 commandments: do not covet. I’d been feeling pretty good about this one. Because after years of this being one of the trickier commandments for me to keep–what with other people having such nice things and cool houses and horses and all–lately I’ve done so much better. That “prefer the given” wisdom took gorilla-grip hold on me and I’ve not coveted so much. Well, except things like book sales. I covet some bestsellers sales numbers. And I covet the attention, the platform, the reviews. So many things I covet when it comes to my writing life…

But I covet other things, too, like travel. Our limited travel budget means I’m just drooling over opportunities people have (not so much for beaches right now, but Sweden. For some reason I’m aching to take my kids to Sweden), wishing they were mine. And, of course, that mint green ukelele in the music store window. I have no idea why I want it so bad, but I do. Of course, I could buy it so maybe that’s not real coveting…

All this to say, God, forgive me for my covetous spirit. Forgive me for not being grateful enough for the amazing opportunities I have, for the material comforts, for the people in my life. Forgive me for turning my eyes to the “greener” grasses all around me.


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