My Lenten Confessional: Day 18

Oh God:

So we’re at Day 2 of waking up tired, crabby. The sort where I hope I’m actually coming down with something and that this isn’t just some weird mood. But, I suspect the mood–based entirely on the Spring that just will not seem to come. Laughing now about how my friend (you know the one, God, no need to call her out here) says she doesn’t mind winter: it’s spring she hates. Totally agreeing with that right now.

Which is why I cursed when I saw the snow on the neighbor’s roof during my first glance out the window. Ugh (though I said much worse).

Forgive me for this. Not for the word I used–it’s just a word, right?–but for directing at your creation. For cursing something that delights me at Christmas-time, that is doing no real harm except bothering me (and, well, maybe making it hard for those birds who are back to find their worms. But I don’t want to tell you your business).

This is still the day that you have made–snow and cold and all. Forgive me for not rejoicing and being glad it in.


P.S. Please let this weather madness end! Amen again.

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