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A selection of bloggy tidbits from my books.

Broke Cover.smalljpg“What I learned about asking God to give us this day our daily bread is that it’s really asking God into our lives, asking God to be made manifest in our needs. Because when we learn to live–or are forced to live, as the was for me and for so many of us–in ways in which we are dependent on God for the most basic of needs, when each morning we wake up wondering just how he would provide, we learn to look for his provision. So when we live asking for daily bread, we also live looking for it. And we see God every time a need is met. There is no such thing as coincidence in the daily-bread-dependent life. It’s all from God’s hand. And God’s hand becomes very near and very clear every time we munch on our manna. And all that his hand touches and all the sweet space it reaches out over becomes holy ground.”

-From “Bread” chapter in Broke



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