My Lenten Confessional: Day 29

Dear God:

Today’s sin is Sloth. And fortunately–at least for ease of writing–I spent 8 hours this weekend indulging in my first binge-watch. True Detective was free on my cable app and who knew when I’d get another chance to see it. So I snuck it in here and there. When I should’ve been doing other things. When I was doing other things.

And though I guess technically it was restful on the Sabbath to be slowly folding laundry (like an actual sloth) with my eyes glued to my tiny phone screen, really, it was sloth. Especially in the spiritual, sabbathy sense. After all, I skipped reading the lectionary yesterday morning to catch up on the show. Sloth.

But of course, I’m slothy so often. I’m lazy about connecting with you. About praying. About thanking. About confessing. It’s the whole reason I’m writing these prayers of confession here. If I had no public accountability, I’d fall off the wagon. That’s sloth.

Forgive me. Forgive me.


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