My Lenten Confessional: Day 30

Dear God:

Today’s Deadly Sin is wrath. Woo boy. I’ve often thought (sometimes said) that there’s a reason I’m so wimpy. And why I’m not one of the rich and powerful. Because wrath is something I would rock at if I had the means. I’m bad enough with my ragey anger as it is. When people hurt my friends, my family. When someone is cruel to children, vicious to animals, I feel the anger burn deep, imagine the vengeance I could enact. It’s why House of Cards scared me so. I could be like Frank, like Claire. I could live life appeasing my vengeful wrath.

But like anything else, just imagining my wrath is enough–even if it’s not  acted out. Forgive me for that.

Forgive me too for my “lesser” wrath. For the lashing out in anger at my kids, my husband. Though my anger toward my family never lasts long in me (it’s a fast-burn wrath), it stays with them. No way it can’t. Forgive me.


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