My Lenten Confessional: Day 31

So, today’s Deadly Sin is Envy.

God, I’ve spent so much time confessing this one in my life already. And here too. As I’ve confessed it–really–on my Lust and Do Not Covet days. Of course, some folks (you know the one, God) think I’ve got lusting and covetousness mixed up. And maybe they’re right. At some level. But because envy worms its way through both of these things, I still see them all related, all strung together by the worm or streaked with its worm slime or whatever the metaphor needs to be.

Either way, though I’ve come a long way in the envy department (“prefer the given,” you know, changed my life), still. I envy. I envied people with “the right clothes” yesterday as I laid out some outfit options for Festival of Faith and Writing (yay!) and signed at every last one of them. I envy people with “people” to pack for them, to shop for them. (Are there such people? I’m sure. I’m jealous.) It’s times like yesterday that I’m reminded I envy the weirdest and most random things. (And yet this morning–that sunshine!–I can’t stop smiling with thankfulness. Spring! FFW! Writer friends! Thinking of missing my kids reminds me how great they are, how thankful I am!)

But back to envy: Forgive me.


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