Remember Well

“Remember well.” So reads the inscription in my copy of Everything That Makes You Moma lovely little book of vignettes and memory-prompts about mothers. Remember well is good instruction when it comes to our moms, of course. It’s important that we remember the acts of love, the reasons for discipline, the sounds of laughter, the endless work, the whatevers of what our mothers did for us.

But Remember Well is an important, well, reminder in our faith life as well.

God tells the Israelites again and again to remember. It’s a spiritual practice really. Remember what God has done, especially during the times when he seems far, when he seems absent, when his hands seem off the wheel. We remember what God has to help hold to the promise of what he will do (and is doing). 

And so Laura Lynn Brown invites readers to do this for moms–whether your mom is still with you or if she died years ago. “Take time to wander through the gardens and greenhouses and fields and abandoned lots of memory,” she writes.

I hope you do.


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