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Hard to Complain

Most of the reviews for Grumble Hallelujah have been quite good (read them here). I’ve loved the emails and messages readers have sent, and the kind words friends have shared. So nice to know that something I worked so hard on and poured so much heart, mind and soul into is being well-received. But of […]

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Why Create–Reasons #2, #3 and #4

Last summer I’d watch him with his chainsaw, twisting, slicing, carving. Calling a dolphin out of a tree trunk. I never got to watch him long–since I was always in the car on my way to the library or somewhere else “in town.” But when I’d seem him out there, I’d slow down–on this main, […]

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Sunshine Dog panting on the kitchen floor.

Googling Nudists & Other Vulnerabilities

As I’ve been interviewed about Grumble Hallelujah, I almost always asked two questions: 1. Where did the title from? And 2. How was it to write the very vulnerable opening story about crying on the kitchen floor? The first question is easy enough to answer. I even write about it in my acknowledgments (I was […]

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Why Create–Reason #1

The other day I told a friend a weird thing I do: when I’m super busy, overwhelmed with the amount of work I have and the little time I have to do it in, I take on more work. Not other huge projects necessarily, but smaller ones. I’ll say yes to writing a blog post that […]

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