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Swedish Flag

A Genetic ID

Yesterday, my Facebook News Feed alerted me that my second cousin, Asa, from Sweden—a woman I’ve met a few times but barely know—was “in bed with a baby and a laptop.”  I laughed when I saw this. Because even though I’ve never seen her house (aside from the photos showing its pastures, lakes, dogs, and horses!)—let alone […]

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Random Flowers

Identity Crisis, Revisited

While I haven’t signed a contract yet, I spent last week negotiating some terms of an offer made to me to publish my book. I’m beyond excited—not only because this is truly a dream come true, but because I believe that this whole identity crisis women face when we become moms has a solution—if we get talking […]

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Me, on Men

It’s been an exhilerating, insane, and dream-achieving week. Once I catch my breath and reconnect my brain wih my body, I’ll write more about this. But we’re talking book deals and movie rights and I love it all! In the meantime, here’s a bit of what I wrote for today: Let Men Hold the […]

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CRC 150th B-Day Logo

Speaking in Church

This afternoon our congregation had the opportunity to address “Council” about our feelings on the issue of women serving in the offices of elder and deacon. After taking a glorious walk to church for the meeting, these are the few words I shared. I’d write more—because the whole experience was really enlightening—but I want to […]

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Harry Potter 7 Cover

Outing Ourselves

Apparently, there had been rumors, but I hadn’t heard them. And I didn’t see this coming at all. I guess my literary gaydar’s not that good—or perhaps Albus Dumbledore had cast a spell to throw off the gaydar frequencies. Let’s just say J.K. Rowling’s outing of Harry Potter’s beloved headmaster threw me for a big loop. Not because of the […]

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Church-Dictated Motherhood

Now, I feel bad writing this post because I am a Christian, I love my church, and I love The Church in general, but today after dropping my daughter off at preschool (isn’t this how my last post started?), I chatted with a fellow mother who was having a rough day. In the course of […]

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My Dog

A Guilt-Free Me

The other morning I brought my oldest son to his first kindergarten field trip. As I watched the slew of kids get on the busses, followed and generally wrangled by a smaller slew of moms and one dad, I asked my friend Pamela when the sign-up was to accompany the kids. She said that those were […]

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Dividing People

“We are much too inclined in these days to divide people into permanent categories, forgetting that a category only exists for its special purpose and must be forgotten as soon as that purpose is served.” –Dorothy L. Sayers, “Are Women Human?” I think we would all agree with this wisdom. So why do we keep […]

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A Cute House

So This Is Contentment

Here’s how I know God’s at work in my life: Some people across the street from me are building literally the cutest house in the world. And it just keeps getting better and cuter, and I love it. But I have yet to feel jealous!  Last weekend, I spent a lot of time talking to […]

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Facebook: The Death of Me?

For sure, Facebook will be the death of me. I’ve only been on this thing for 24 hours, and I’m already addicted and feeling the need to cut and run. It’s cool but weird all at the same time. We’ll see how this goes. And as if I don’t worry enough about not having good […]

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