Archive | October, 2011

Is Grumbling A Sin?

As soon as I said it, I knew it could be trouble. So as soon as I said–during an interview on Moody Radio’s Midday Connection–that Jesus “did some grumbling” in the Garden of Gethsemane, I made a mental note, prepared to get some push-back. Not from the hosts–Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt, who understood what I […]

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Grieving the Bad, Celebrating the Good

When my first book, Mama’s Got a Fake I.D., came out, I didn’t have a book release party. Truth be told, I’m not a big party person. I’m a small gathering sort of person. As I’ve discussed elsewhere, as relational as I am, I’m also introverted–so just the word party wears me out. But this […]

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