Known and Loved


I’m thrilled to have partnered with MOPS International in writing their 2013 Theme Devotional, Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms.

Perfect for individual reflection or larger group study, here’s how the publisher describes the book:

Behind the smiling face of so many new moms is a woman who has suddenly lost a bit of her sense of self. Many mothers of young children feel alone, isolated, and confused about their new role. They have a powerful desire to be known and loved.

Now for any mom who has ever wrestled with who she is at her core, Caryn Rivadeneira offers 52 devotions drawn from the Psalms that show women how God sees them, what he created them to do, and how he created them to be. She takes women through ten major areas of identity, weaving in stories from her own life and from the lives of other moms, showing mothers that they are valued and valuable.

What others are saying:

“Profound, funny, and affirming. On days that can feel like they are never going to end, or at moments when we doubt that we are up to the task of mothering, this book will restore weary hearts. Highly recommend!”–Jennifer Grant, author of MOMumental and Love You More

“Caryn’s wise, witty, and warm words will help you enter into God’s presence in a deeply reassuring and comforting way as you experience anew his desire to know and love you and discover that you are far from alone in your journey of motherhood.”–Helen Lee, author of The Missional Mom

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