Archive | February, 2008

‘Most Boring Person in the Room’

Again, it’s Caryn the lazy blogger. This time I’m going to steal a quote from one of the members of my Big Mom Group–the collection of women I’ve assembled who’ve been sharing wisdom, insight, and stories for my book. As I’ve been laying out my chapter on the language we use and the answers we […]

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‘Pinching Shoes’

I’ve become a lazy blogger. One of the downsides (and it may be the ONLY downside, actually) of writing a book is that I’m neglectful of this blog, which I really enjoy. I have stacks of things I want to write about here, but need to spend most quiet moments trying to meet the March […]

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A Bit of a Scrape

Since last Friday I’ve sported quite the scrape across my lower left cheek (on my face). Since it’s not disfiguring and healing nicely, I have to say I’ve taken a bit of a fancy to it. Actually, not so much to the scrape itself, but to the mystique of having it. It’s funny how differently […]

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