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Talk Topics

I’ve given scores of talks through the years. Below are a few of the more popular ones. Each can be modified to meet a groups’ need. Some are also parts of larger retreat packages. For more information on me as a speaker, send an email with your name, organization, event, expected number of attendees, and budgeted speaker fee to caryn@carynrivadeneira.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Finding Yourself in the Psalms: Inspired by Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms, this talk explores what the Psalms have to say about who we are and who God is, and how we were made to relate to one another.
  • Grumble Hallelujah. This talk is based on my book, Grumble Hallelujah: Learning to Love Your Life Even When It Lets You Down. We talk about navigating disappointments in life and how to move from a place of frustration to one where we love life and life it as God would want us.
  • Grumble Merry Christmas. Also based on ideas from my book, in this talk I share how I’ve learned to manage my own expectations of the “perfect Christmas” and the “real” beauty and Spirit of Christmas I discovered in the disappointments and unexpected.
  • Creative Listening. In this talk on listening (of all things) I encourage women (or men) to see listening as an active thing and something from which we can create and transform the world. We go through steps on how to engage our minds and critical-thinking abilities as well as how to make sure we’re tuned in to what the Holy Spirit might have us take away from a talk.
  • Ministry and Media: Ways to get your message out. The “dos and don’ts” and “ins and outs” of working with the media or broadening your coverage with them.
  • Inspiring Writing: How to put into words what God put in your heart. While not all of us are called to write for publication, many of us have a longing to write about what God has done in our lives. This workshop-style talk walks wanna-be writers through ways to craft our thoughts and emotions into clear, meaningful prose.
  • Mama’s Got a Fake ID! The Secrets to Revealing the Real You. This talk gives an overview of the “identity crisis” many moms face, gives reasons why God wants you to reveal your true identity, and offers a few suggestions to living as the complete woman he created you to be.
  • Gift Living: What Motherhood Teaches Us about What We Have To Offer. We explore the different types of gifts God gives each us and work through ways to live them out—even when motherhood seems to reign us in from using many gifts. We also look at ways that God uses motherhood—and the time away from certain gifts—to grow us, stretch us, and help us discover untapped gifts.
  • The ‘Bad Mommy’s’ Guide to the Good Sides of Guilt: How Gifts, Grace, and Growth Will Free Up Your Life. This talk focuses on another one of motherhood’s greatest foes: guilt. Instead of simply looking at the problem of true guilt versus false guilt, we explore ways to harness guilt for good, specifically as a way to point out your gifts, steer you toward growth, and wrap you in grace.