Archive | May, 2008

Out of My Own Box

After taking way too many days crafting a “speaker-introduction letter” to pimp myself out for speaking gigs, I’ve spent the afternoon sending out these letters to various churches and MOPS groups and the like. This does NOT come naturally to me. There is, after all, a reason why I’m a writer and not, say, a concert […]

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Found Love

I grew up in a musical-theater-loving family. Not that any of us were in musicals, mind you, but we went to these shows regularly, watched the movie-versions religiously, and sang along to show tunes in the car and at home. For the most part, a great way to grow up. Except for one part, well, […]

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Good Mother’s Day Gifts

Aaah–so after a good couple of weeks of being deluged with print ads, commercials, and email blasts trying to sell me on the stuff moms want and need for Mother’s Day, today on the radio, I finally heard the truth—what we really need. Unlike what every jewelry store, specialty kitchen store, and department says, in a […]

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‘Incapable of Insignificance’

If you scroll down a couple posts, you’ll see a comment from Dawn, who’s wrestling with church roles. She’s been on my mind a lot lately because I think her note personifies exactly what a lot of us go through in various forms, in various ways. I’ve been wanting to respond to her–you, if you’re […]

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