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Broke: What Financial Desperation Revealed about God’s Abundance (InterVarsity Press, 2014)

Shades of Mercy: A Maine Chronicle, with Anita Lustrea (RiverNorth, 2013)

Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms (Revell, 2013)

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I have a lot of jobs. I write, speak, edit, raise kids, and plan worship. I’ve written five books, including Broke: What Financial Desperation Revealed About God’s Abundance (IVP, 2014) and Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms (Revell, 2013).

I’m a regular contributor to Christianity Today’s Her.Meneutics blog and the “Wonderlust” columnist for Re:Frame Media’s ThinkChristian.

My husband, three kids, one pit bull and I live outside of Chicago. For more information, check out my full bio.

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February 7&8: Day Apart Retreat, Glen Ellyn, IL

March 8: Private Women’s Retreat, MI

April 10-12: Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing, Grand Rapids, MI

April 25: MOPS, Sugar Grove, IL

May 2: IVP Women’s Event, Westmont, IL

May 20: MOPS, Fort Atkinson, WI

October 24-25: ECLA Conference, Wheaton, IL

November 21: Advent by Candlelight Service, Lombard, IL

December 11: Crossroads Church Christmas Event, Aurora, IL

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 30

Dear God: Today’s Deadly Sin is wrath. Woo boy. I’ve often thought (sometimes said) that there’s a reason I’m so wimpy. And why I’m not one of the rich and powerful. Because wrath is something I would rock at if I had the means. I’m bad enough with my ragey anger as it is. When […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 29

Dear God: Today’s sin is Sloth. And fortunately–at least for ease of writing–I spent 8 hours this weekend indulging in my first binge-watch. True Detective was free on my cable app and who knew when I’d get another chance to see it. So I snuck it in here and there. When I should’ve been doing other things. […]

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Book Bits 2

Book Bits

A selection of bloggy tidbits from my books. “What I learned about asking God to give us this day our daily bread is that it’s really asking God into our lives, asking God to be made manifest in our needs. Because when we learn to live–or are forced to live, as the was for me […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 28

So God, I’m going to give greed another go. Spent the day thinking about the non-financial ways I’m so greedy. I have fantastic opportunities. But I want more. Sooner. Faster. Forgive me. I write for a living–what I always wanted to do. But I want more. More money. More readers. More sales. More…attention? Forgive me. I […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 27

So today’s Deadly Sin is Greed. Hahaha. So on Monday, God, as you know a book officially launches: Broke, a book that may as well have been titled Greed. In so many ways, that is the sin that our time of financial desperation and our continuing time of daily bread living has convicted me of, that is the […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 26

Oh God: Today’s Seven Deadly Sin is lust. I saw that and rolled my eyes. I already confessed “lusting in my heart” Jimmy-Carter style in my adultery confession and wasn’t really in the mood to revisit this (sorry if that’s bad). But of course, not all lust is sexual lust. In fact, with me, most […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 25

Oh, dear God: I suppose it was somewhere between trips to the buffet–to refill my plate with the tiny Belgian waffles smothered with peaches and syrup, even though I was already quite full from the other tiny waffles and the omelette and the bacon and potatoes and fruit and whatnot–that I realized perhaps I had […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 24

God: Today I confess my lack of trust. In you. Specifically, for the times I  plow through, rush ahead. Of you. You’d think by now I’d have learned to slow down, to wait, to know that you’ve got it all in your hands, that all will be well, in your timing, but alas. My knee-jerk is […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 23

So God: I need to confess a judgementy sin yet again. How funny it is (or, maybe not funny) that I don’t think I judge the “big stuff,” bur people’s little pesky, gnatty sins? I relish taking notice and internally critiquing those. And I did it once again when I heard the story of a […]

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Lenten Graphic 2

My Lenten Confessional: Day 22

Dear God: Forgive my snappiness and my knee-jerks. Forgive me when I yell or sass instead of taking a breath or a break. Amen Click here for the other confessions and click here for the reason I’m even doing this.

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