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Broke: What Financial Desperation Revealed about God’s Abundance (InterVarsity Press, 2014)

Shades of Mercy: A Maine Chronicle, with Anita Lustrea (RiverNorth, 2013)

Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms (Revell, 2013)

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I have a lot of jobs. I write, speak, edit, raise kids, and plan worship. I’ve written five books, including Broke: What Financial Desperation Revealed About God’s Abundance (IVP, 2014) and Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms (Revell, 2013).

I’m a regular contributor to Christianity Today’s Her.Meneutics blog and the “Wonderlust” columnist for Re:Frame Media’s ThinkChristian.

My husband, three kids, one pit bull and I live outside of Chicago. For more information, check out my full bio.

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February 7&8: Day Apart Retreat, Glen Ellyn, IL

March 8: Private Women’s Retreat, MI

April 10-12: Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing, Grand Rapids, MI

April 25: MOPS, Sugar Grove, IL

May 2: IVP Women’s Event, Westmont, IL

May 20: MOPS, Fort Atkinson, WI

October 24-25: ECLA Conference, Wheaton, IL

November 21: Advent by Candlelight Service, Lombard, IL

December 11: Crossroads Church Christmas Event, Aurora, IL

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 21

So God: I know–because I’ve heard the low whispers, faced the full questions–that some wonder if I haven’t humiliated my family, my husband, my kids, beyond belief by writing about our financial desperation in Broke. And I get why people would be concerned. There’s so much shame associated with being broke, not having enough to pay the […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 20

So God: We’re halfway through this confessing practice. I thought maybe I’d run out of sins to confess. Well, that’s a lie (forgive me): I didn’t think so. Someone else thought. Ha! Score one (or 20) for Total Depravity. Those folks who think we’re “basically good” would’ve certain run out by now. SUCKAS! Anyway, yesterday a […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 19

Dear God: Yesterday I indulged in a juicy bit of gossip. I didn’t share it, haven’t passed it along. But I listened. With delight. Forgive me. Amen. Click here for the other confessions and click here for the reason I’m even doing this.

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 18

Oh God: So we’re at Day 2 of waking up tired, crabby. The sort where I hope I’m actually coming down with something and that this isn’t just some weird mood. But, I suspect the mood–based entirely on the Spring that just will not seem to come. Laughing now about how my friend (you know […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 17

God, I’m cold. I’m tired. My shoulders ache. I’m crabby. Got a lot on my mind and a lot of work to get through this. I couldn’t even get through my Lord’s Prayer litany this morning. And I’m certainly in no mood to take a gander at my heart–and the sins that lurk therein. Good […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 16

So God: I’ve agreed to fast today–along with fellow praying friends. But I don’t want to, not at all. Although I’ve just gone through one of the best desperate times of my life and although I’ve stated and written that I always want something in my life that keeps me “on my knees” and desperate for what […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 15

So God, We’re at the final of the 10 commandments: do not covet. I’d been feeling pretty good about this one. Because after years of this being one of the trickier commandments for me to keep–what with other people having such nice things and cool houses and horses and all–lately I’ve done so much better. […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 14

Oh, Dear God: I smile every time I come across the 9th commandment in any way, shape or form. “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor,” you say. “Do not lie,” is perhaps the easier translation. I smile–as you know–because of that day when my therapist, way back in college, told me I was […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 13

Dear God: “Do not steal,” your commandments say. And I admit: I’m pretty good about following this, in the traditional sense. I’ve never tried to sneak a candy bar out of a store, never even been tempted. I don’t wonder how many purses I could stuff in my purse and if I could get away […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 12

So God: Today I need to take a break from asking forgiveness for breaking one of the commandments. Since the biggest sin on my heart right now is election-related. While I vote–each and every time–because men and women fought (died!) too hard for my right to vote for me to be “too busy” or “too […]

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