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My Lenten Confessional: Day 18

Oh God: So we’re at Day 2 of waking up tired, crabby. The sort where I hope I’m actually coming down with something and that this isn’t just some weird mood. But, I suspect the mood–based entirely on the Spring that just will not seem to come. Laughing now about how my friend (you know […]

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Lenten Graphic 2

My Lenten Confessional: Day 17

God, I’m cold. I’m tired. My shoulders ache. I’m crabby. Got a lot on my mind and a lot of work to get through this. I couldn’t even get through my Lord’s Prayer litany this morning. And I’m certainly in no mood to take a gander at my heart–and the sins that lurk therein. Good […]

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My Lenten Confessional: Day 12

So God: Today I need to take a break from asking forgiveness for breaking one of the commandments. Since the biggest sin on my heart right now is election-related. While I vote–each and every time–because men and women fought (died!) too hard for my right to vote for me to be “too busy” or “too […]

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The Christmas Card

For the past two years now I’ve given a talk called “Grumble Merry Christmas.” In this talk, I admit that Rivadeneira Christmas Cards will not happen. “A Merry Christmas on Facebook will suffice,” I say. Well, turns out I lied. I’ve decided this year that a Merry Christmas wish on my BLOG will also happen. […]

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Bitter vs. Honest

The other day I complained to a friend about a man we both knew. My words: “I’m so sick of Rich White Baby Boomer Men like him being so bitter about life because the parachute wasn’t quite golden enough.” My friend laughed and I kept going: “I mean. Really, like life is perfect for you, […]

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Hard to Complain

Most of the reviews for Grumble Hallelujah have been quite good (read them here). I’ve loved the emails and messages readers have sent, and the kind words friends have shared. So nice to know that something I worked so hard on and poured so much heart, mind and soul into is being well-received. But of […]

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Turning a Planked Eye

So I can’t calm down about this Penn State horror story. I alternate between wanting to throw up and go beat someone up. Without actually doing either. I’m outraged–of course–that child-molesting and child-raping monsters roam this earth. But someone, right now, my outrage is fueled by the people who cover-up their crimes and enable this […]

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Grumble final cover

Glorious Grumbling

I know myself well enough to do what I did in the last post: to offer a question and sort of imply I’ll answer it soon. Well, a month later, here I am. Though, I must say, the commenters, I believe answered the question well for me. Tim wrote: “What is a fair definition of […]

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